irrigation decision support

Soil moisture measurements have been used along with crop inspection to help inform the farmers own judgement on the correct time to irrigate a crop.
It is possible to  irrigate according to a simple threshold reading in the root zone so as to prevent plant water stress, which may be appropriate for container-grown or shallow-rooted plants. A sensor located below the root zone can also be used to test for over-irrigation. We can help reduce  'trial-and-error' by constructing a scenario model of a crop using our customised version of the HYDRUS 2/D simulation model.
For field crops with deeply  penetrating roots it is necessary to take into account the availability of moisture down the soil depth profile. A systematic approach is to use profile moisture measurements to calculate the total soil moisture deficit and irrigate according to a maximum allowed deficit (MAD) for the crop, which provides both the amount and timing for each irrigation event. Irrigation  consultants may provide this service.
Our data website provided to our customers will In future offer an advanced data processing and irrigation decision support option  based on recent research.