Farmers know that good irrigation practice requires knowledge of soil moisture and increasingly this  requirement can be best met  using  insitu soil moisture sensors linked in a wireless network to the internet. 
Continuous access to field measurements can be used to inform farmers' judgement or to automatically drive computer models that generate  accurate irrigation schedules.

The benefits are obtained from greater irrigation  efficiency,  crop yield assurance and from enabling farmers  to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of environmentally sustainable crop production.
McBurney Consulting are at the forefront of these developments and in making soil moisture measurements accessible for  farmers and their advisers.
We develop and manufacture bespoke robust soil  moisture sensors  based on a thermal pulse principle providing  reliable yet cost-effective solutions for crop irrigation scheduling and scientific research.  
We have also developed associated electronic equipment with a built-in facility  to transmit data automatically with a range of communication modes to suit different applications. 

We participated in the EU Waterbee consortium (www.waterbee.eu)  which developed powerful new web tools to analyse the sensor  data and provide irrigation decisions that adapt to individual crop sites.

Our sensors are configured for different applications in field or container-grown crops and vertical planting system (green walls)   and provide sensor networking capability  by means of a serial data cable using RS485/SDI-12 protocols and by a  wireless zigbee transceiver 
We welcome enquiries on our irrigation management solutions for all applications in farming, landscaping and sports/amenity turf.